Services management system for Bright Mark Group Pty Ltd

BrightMark is the largest cleaning services management system on Western Australia. We have successfully deployed an end-to-end internal employee and supervisor management system, which incorporates location tracking, pending work, staff reporting, task scheduling, and comprehensive report generation capabilities, including staff reporting time and scheduled task details, among others. Our system ensures efficient management of all aspects related to employee and supervisor workflows and facilitates seamless tracking and reporting to enhance productivity and performance.

Total vehicle register system for Avis Budget Group

Avis is one of the world's largest car rental providers dedicated to expanding on-demand mobility solutions and personalizing the customer experience. Our team has created end to end connected vehicle check-in and check-out system for Western Australia. History of all vehicle registration which can be loaded by scanning the vehicle number plate by mobile camera. That’s a cloud solution-based application with separate mobile application supportive.

Scheduling management system for aussiedrinkdrive.com.au

Aussiedrinkdrive.com.au is approved provider for the drink and drug driver behavior change Program. We have system for them. It’s a self-checking tool with only payment. https://aussiedrinkdrive.com.au/

Unique website for papaya360.ca

As a social media marketing company, Papaya360 provides a range of services that help businesses and brands to promote their products and services online. Their team of experts is well-versed in various aspects of digital marketing, including public relations, televi-sion and mass media, search engine optimizations, websites, and digital designs. http://papaya360.ca/


Unique website for earthznatural.com

Being a Sri Lankan spice company, Earthz Natural has done extensive research on the spice industry and gathered all the necessary information about Ceylon Spices. As a Sri Lankan company, They are proud to be able to access high quality Ceylon Spices. They are unique in that we offer our products in different grades and standards to suit different price levels. Sri Lanka is basically the largest producer of a wide range of high quality spices and you can bet that a huge percentage of all spices used worldwide come from Sri Lanka.
Earthznatural now offers over 500 spices and natural products in both grocery and bulk sizes and provide high-quality wholefood ingredients that are beneficial to your health and are easy to incorporate into everyday life http://earthznatural.com/

Website with A-Z function available store management system for territorystyles.com

Territory is an online clothing shop which is operating on Sri Lanka / Canada / Australia and UK. We have provided end to end fully operational system for them to reduce human intervention http://territorystyles.com/


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